Contraceptive CHOICE Project

This section contains materials that describe the study design and methodology of the CHOICE Project, key research findings about contraceptive use, continuation, and satisfaction, and implications supporting adoption of the CHOICE model of contraceptive care in your organization.

Pathway to CHOICE

Watch this short video to see the impact of the CHOICE Project on unintended pregnancy in St. Louis and what it could mean nationally if all women had access to no-cost contraception

CHOICE Slide Set

This slide set focuses upon 4 key areas of the CHOICE Project: 1) study design and methodology; 2) provider knowledge and attitudes; 3) key research findings; and 4) moving from research to practice

Adolescent-Focused Slide Set

This slide set focuses on key findings pertaining to adolescent CHOICE participants

CHOICE Publications

Summaries, citations, and PubMed hyperlinks for all CHOICE publications to date